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Congressman Dan Donovan

Representing the 11th District of New York


Statement from Congressman Dan Donovan on the President’s State of the Union Address

January 12, 2016
Press Release

“President Obama spoke about working families and the need to unleash the American worker’s potential. But seven years of government expansion doesn’t bolster the middle class. The answer isn’t higher taxes and more government to bring everybody down. The answer is building a ladder that everybody can climb. The President doesn’t get that, and it’s destroying the dream of a better life for millions of families.

“The President didn’t say ‘homeland security’ once tonight, but he did call talk of our enemies gaining strength ‘hot air.’ This would contradict the public statements of terrorism experts across the political spectrum who have said the threat is as complex and elevated as they have seen. The fact is, the state of our homeland is increasingly not secure. The President has placated our enemies and turned away our friends. He supposedly ended two wars, but the world is more dangerous now than when he took office. We need a clear strategy to fight radical Islamic terror, dismantle ISIS, and thwart homegrown plots – and we heard none of that tonight.

“I do take heart in the President’s talk of working together across the aisle, even if that vision has persisted just as lofty rhetoric during his administration. Moving forward into an uncertain future, I’ll continue calling them like I see them while finding opportunities to collaborate for the good of Staten Island and South Brooklyn.”

-- Congressman Donovan serves on the House Committee on Homeland Security and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. He is New York City’s only Republican representative.