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Congressman Dan Donovan

Representing the 11th District of New York


Rep. Dan Donovan Talks Journey to Israel on Community Matters

October 3, 2015
In The News

It’s one thing to read about Israel. It’s quite different to visit.

Congressman Dan Donovan made a special appearance on Community Matters, a radio show on 570 AM that targets the larger Jewish community with an emphasis on the Orthodox community.

Donovan, who remains to be the only Republican member of the House delegation in New York City, sat down with fill-in host Chaskel Bennett on Saturday night’s 10 p.m. show to discuss his trip to Israel among a plethora of ongoing Israeli issues.

“Many of my friends told me that a trip to Israel would be a life-changing experience, but they never told me how life-changing it would be,” Donovan said about his visit to Israel. “It was religious; it was historic.”

During his trip to Israel, the Republican traveled from the Gaza Strip to the Golan Heights, and from the West Bank to the Mediterranean Sea to experience all of Israel.

But something else stood out over the beautiful scenery Israel has to offer.

“We saw the constant threat the Israeli people are under,” Donovan continued in regards to his trip. “What was amazing was in the State of Israel in five times per day, there’s a Muslim call for prayer. That’s the compassion that the Israeli people have for everyone’s rights to practice their own religion. I’ve been back for a couple of months now, and I still talk about it today as if I just returned.”

Upon arrival, Donovan took his thoughts on his experience and shared it with members of various synagogues around Brooklyn. “Understanding what the Israeli people are going through by reading about it is one thing, but when you stand there and talk to an Israeli mother, who tells us her 18-year-old child lived through over 600 red alerts of rocket attacks in the country, nothing you read about can equal what that woman expressed.”

Bennett proceeded to ask Donovan about his position on the Iran deal, but noting that the deal would open billions of dollars in sanctions relief to Israel, with Hamas and Hezbollah looking to upgrade their arsenal of weapons.

“This is not a deal that’s good for Israel, the United States, or the entire world,” Donovan said. “I asked other politicians, ‘Why is this good for America?’ The first wave of money Iran gets will be $50 billion.”

“All you have to do is buy [nuclear weapons] from North Korea,” said the Staten Island native about the limitations Iran will have in producing their own weapons of mass destruction. “After 12 years, Iran will have free reign. They won’t have a nuclear weapon, they’ll have an arsenal of nuclear weapons.”